account representative

ac·count rep·re·sen·ta·tive noun: account representative; plural noun: account representatives a business executive who manages the interests of a particular client, typically in advertising or sales.

Love Being Around Cool People?

You’ll fit right in.


We’re looking for dedicated, hard-working people to join us in making Avante Partners even better.

Is that you?


Avante Partners is changing how thousands of customers
engage with their telecom service providers.
There’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents
are helping customers, helping your peers develop personally and professionally,
and are able to prove to large corporations that we manage their sales force.

We believe socializing and getting to know your coworkers as people will help you to communicate better, trust each other more & work better together.

Would You Like it Here?

You’d be a great fit if…

You want to make

your career a priority

Here at Avante Partners, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop our employees professionally. Continual growth is key to happiness and productivity, so we make it a priority to give our employees all the tools and resources necessary for their growth.

You like to enjoy

yourself at work

We spend almost half of our time awake at work, so we feel it is very important to enjoy your time in the office. Team building exercises and fun games are a common occurrence at Avante Partners.

You want real friendships

in the workplace

We have weekly team nights where we get to loosen up the ties and get to know each other outside of work. It is not uncommon for Avante Partners to have team events on the weekends, whether that be going to a sporting events, the beach or just exploring New Jersey or NYC.

You want to have

your voice heard

We have an open door policy when everyone can have their opinions and thoughts shared with management. Often times the best ideas come from those who are living it on the day to day. New procedures and processes always get run by the entire team before implementation.

You are


If you are not goal-oriented and you enjoy being micro-managed, then Avante Partners may not be for you. We believe in empowering our team to make decisions and becoming better people inside and outside the office by providing the tools, guidance and feedback when needed. The only real way to grow and develop is to make decisions, make mistakes, and learn from it.


Avante Partners is only just over 20 people — still a tight-knit group. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we work together to meet them. (We also have plenty of fun together: dance parties, happy hours, trips, workshops, movies, brunches, and a lot of laughing and learning.)



That’s what I love most about here, there’s opportunity for anyone as long as they work hard.

KentHuman Resources

The people, my colleagues, my boss – I think I’ve met the most amazing people in America since I’ve moved here. The energy, the time people invest in helping you - it’s always exciting to come into work. I find joy in helping other people - that is what attracted me to become a lawyer and what I also love about working at Avante Partners.

PriyaTop Account Executive

Hands down best thing about working at Avante is the fact that everything we do is 100% merit based so nobody can judge my worth and my promotion potential besides me and how hard I work.

KeonTop Account Executive

The team camaraderie is one of the best things about Avante Partners Whether it’s a small goal or big goal, together we accomplish all the goals we can.

ColtonAssistant Manager

Everyone here is a giant family. I can talk to anyone about really anything here, it’s just a great environment.

LarrySales Intern

My favorite part about working here is to have the ability to grow without limits.

BrindellTop Account Executive

What attracted me to Avante Partners was more the people connection aspect. Instead of just sitting in front of a computer and typing all day I get to interact and talk to people.

VictoriaAccount Executive

We’re currently putting together an entry level sales team.

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