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We help brands connect with consumers.



We are Avante Partners.


Avante Partners is the alliance you’ve been looking for to build your brand. Together we will grow.

Avante Partners specializes in a direct approach to represent our clients. We saw a disconnect between businesses and their customers created by traditional forms of marketing and advertising. That disconnect led us to create an individualized customer experience to bring our clients’ brands back to life. We work with some of the most well known companies across a wide array of industries and are committed to helping them grow their market share and brand recognition in the most efficient way possible.


We provide a handshake and smile for your brand by providing a personal approach to your customer experience. We let your company focus on what you are great at: creating products and services, while we focus on what we are great at:  hiring and training great people to build your brand.  We acquire and retain customers for our clients by fostering great relationships that last.

New Customer Acquisition

Through our face to face approach we are able to reach new customers and grow market share and revenue faster and with higher quality than the competition.

Increase Brand Recognition

Our focus on training our Account Executives to be industry experts ensures your brand is represented in the most professional way.

Increase Customer Retention

We understand that a customer isn’t a transaction, it is a long-term relationship that leads to more profit expanding opportunities.

Speed to

We promote your new products or services to customers as fast as they are created.

People. Passion. Purpose.

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